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National Holistic Pet Day

2012 August 30

Help us Celebrate National Holistic Pet Day

Herbal Remedies for Pets

one blue eye and one brown eye are typical of a healthy australian shepherd dog

Happy Aussie Smile

We have a full line of herbal remedies to treat many common ailments like arthritis, urinary incontinence, impacted anal sacs, skin allergies, separation anxiety, thunderstorm phobia, elevated liver enzymes, upper respiratory disease, and many more!Treating your pets with herbal medicine to complement pharmaceutical treatment or to replace drug therapy offers a balanced, natural option for treatment or a cure.  Any time a natural treatment is available for your pet, we will let you know your options.

Custom Diets

vibrant, green organic dinosaur or black kale (it's green, not black!)

Organic Kale!

We all know how important the food we eat is to our health and well-being.  After all “you are what you eat!”  So why do we insist on all-natural medicines for a pet who is eating dry food from a bag and canned food from a factory?

Improving your pet’s diet may help treat or cure many chronic diseases, like dermatitis, allergies, occasional soft stool, obesity, periodontal disease and may help improve other disease conditions. We can help you learn to prepare a balanced diet for your dog.

If you have a healthy pet between the ages of 1 and 15 years, you may enjoy the $25 online interactive tool to design a balanced natural diet for your pet.

Our own Dr. Sandra Springer works with Dr. Susan Wynn, a

white short-haired bunny with tall straight black ears and a cone collar to keep him from licking his surgical incision site

Kale Eater!

board-certified veterinary nutrition specialist, to design a real food diet and guide you as you learn to prepare food for your pet. Pets with any medical oddities, or under 1 or over 15 years old need the specialist calculations in order to provide a balanced, healthy diet to their pet.

Dr. Springer can give you that understanding and personal customization you can only get from your own veterinarian!

You can read about what to expect from your consult at

Pheromone Treatments

plush short-haired cat of russian blue descent shows off her green saucer-shaped eyes.

Happy Kitty

Pheromones are an emerging area of research.  Made naturally by the body and undetectable to humans, dogs and cats have pheromones that have been found to be relaxing and potentially curative for problems like thunderstorm phobia, separation anxiety, and feline urine marking in the house.  These pheromones are often more effective than medications!

Enjoy good health for your human and animal family!

Feel free to call 877 DR TRULI and inquire if a holistic house call is right for you!

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