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We Provide Holistic House Call Services for a Wide Range of Conditions

Internal Medicine Holistic House Call Services for Dogs & Cats

With over 17 years experience, Dr Truli can diagnose and manage most internal medicine conditions completely in the house call setting. Some conditions need hospitalization in order to stabilize a pet in the early stages of the illness. Some pets may need periodic hospitalization to optimize their over-all recovery and help them rebalance from temporary setbacks. Dr Truli works closely with the animal hospital doctors and staff to facilitate your pet’s recovery in any way possible. Below is a partial list of conditions you may be wondering about how to treat holistically or how to treat in a house call. Click on underlined items to learn more details about holistic care for these conditions.

Kidney Disease or Renal Disease

Bog-eared, thin, muscular shy GermanShepherd girl enjoys her physical exam at home

I am sitting pretty for my house call exam!



Liver disease
Inflammatory bowel disease
Microbiota optimization
Bladder conditions
Persistent infections
Bladder and kidney stones
Urine dripping/leaking
Heart and lungs
Skin diseases and external expression of disease
Ear infections, ear disease
Find sources of pain
Cruciate ligaments-non surgical treatment & enhanced healing for surgical patients
Hip dysplasia
Examine, diagnose
Options to Avoid Surgery
Full thyroid testing
Endocrine and hormone balancing

A slim steel acupuncture needle goes into a poodle puppy's hind paw in the web between the toes and he falls asleep!

Poodle Puppy Acupuncture for Diarrhea

Puppy and Kitten visits
Preventative care
Holistic lifestyle advice
Genetic counseling
Behavior evaluation

Nutrition consults
Balanced home cooked diet recipes custom for your pet. Dr. Truli is a Certified Veterinary Food Therapist.
Ingredient lists and food allergy elimination counseling

Life extension-euthanasia Alternatives

Full laboratory, diagnostic and pharmacy services

Hospitalization and surgery by arrangement

Modalities used routinely to benefit your pet:

Open, relaxed, guided coaching to understand pattern of your pet’s life and health

Thorough physical examination

Western medicine


Food therapy

Dachshund hides under 4 blankets during pet house call

I’m happy in my bed, thank you!

Chinese herbal medicine

Tui Na massage therapy


Standard Process Veterinary Formulas

Bach flower remedies
Orthomolecular medicine
Functional medicine
Physical therapy

Key: close follow-up and communication with Dr Truli Springer

Clear plan for your pet’s near and far future. The intensity of follow-up you wish depends partly on your pet’s needs and partly on your needs for communication.

Truli Holistic Veterinary Services

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Care provided in your home!

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