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What Clients Are Saying

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Back Pain Mini Dachshund – Electro Acupuncture, Herbal Meds

“Appears rehabbed – I’m an acupoke convert! Wants outta crate bad but stays…” -Clearwater

Stubborn Arthritic Dog – Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Home-Cooked Diet

“Buster is doing amazingly well. He has so much energy! I am so glad I finally decided to try this.” – Clearwater

Arthritic, Hip Dysplasia, Hates Car rides and Vet Offices – Acupuncture and Tui Na Massage, Hates Herbal Medicine

“Mr. Fluffy-Pants is doing great this week. He has had a very good appetite, pooping 3x a day, and feeling rather pleased with himself. I can tell he felt wonderful post acupuncture and massage.” – Palm Harbor

Skin Allergies for Years – Herbal Medicine and Food Therapy

“Really enjoyed the visit. And so did Bailey more importantly.” – Palm Harbor

Paraplegic and Not Wanting Surgery, Electro Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Formula Fixed this Dog’s Back

“Jeep is happy and playing. Thank you so much for everything!” – Palm Harbor

Intractable Neck Pain (5 meds could not fix it) Electroacupuncture & 1 Herbal Formula

“I would rather have acupuncture first to see if I can get him feeling better…he has been doing so well.” -Oldsmar

Hand-drawn holiday greeting card depicts a household of 2 chihuahuas, 2 stripey cats & 1 guinea pig from Heaven

Happy House Call Family

Dr Truli shares her favorite 2016 Holiday Greetings:

“Thanks for your dedication, Wisdom, + gentle, loving spirit. We appreciate all you do and are glad we found you!” -Love, Gayle + Crew

“Thank you, Gayle. Best card ever! (Chloe needs all the music by her. She talks the most!)” – Doc Truli

Chocolate Lab Gained Back his Body Weight and Stopped Nose Bleeds…

“We can’t believe how well Guinness responded to the herbal meds.” -M.E.Z.

Autoimmune Skin Disease Finally in Remission

“Just an update. All is well with Max. Continuing the same diet (designed according to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine principles)…In the six years I’ve had him I’ve never seen him have so much spunk. He will be 9 in May and I’ve had him since he was three.”  -Patti A

Doc Truli helps Family on Friday Night…

Old Dogs Make the Best Friends

Maddie, the Day Before Her Visit With the Doc

“Just wanted you to know how much we appreciated your kindness, compassion, and centeredness concerning Maddie. On a Friday night after a long, busy week, you were able to give us the support and patience we so needed. Added to that the fact that Maddie wasn’t a patient at your clinic and we never met you. We can’t thank you enough.” -Gordy and Bobbie C

Sometimes the vet has to deliver news…

“We appreciate your candor, professionalism, and overall concern for his well-being and recovery. Your efforts and phone calls helped us through a difficult time and we want you to know it means a great deal to us.” -Dixie and Steven M

Do you ask tons of questions? Do you repeat yourself? Good!

“Dr. Truli was very sweet and kind and explained everything in detail to me over the phone. She kept her word and called me twice to review Stan’s history and explained everything to my satisfaction and left me with no worries. It was my pleasure to speak to this fine doctor!” -Romanina M

Doc Truli is Honest

“We are certain that we made the right decisions in large part because of the clarity and diplomacy of your briefings. Surely there can be no better veterinarian. We consider ourselves lucky that we got you.” -Warren and Caran B (&Blossom)

Doc Springer says, “If I can, I will.” The patient comes first.

Your dedication to animals comes across clearly. Thanks again so much for helping us out after hours.” -Susan P and Rosie

German Shepherd Pannus Eye Condition

Thanks for my medicine!

Doc Truli diagnosed German Shepherd Pannus…

“Thank you so much for saving Ivo’s vision. We thought our German Shepherd Ivo was going blind, and none of the veterinarians in our country knew what was wrong. After you consulted with our vet, we got Ivo the right medication and his eyes are perfect after only 3 weeks!” -Dragosh I

Many families straddle continents.

“Thank you for taking our call and explaining Leishmaniasis to us. With your help, we were able to give our veterinarian in Venezuela an answer we are sure is best for our dog.” -Eugenia C

Some people have to, or like to, do everything for themselves. That’s welcomed!

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your attention to our problem. With no veterinarians by my sister’s house in Ukraine, I thought our Persian cat would not receive any care whatsoever. Thank you for the recipes and ideas for herbal treatments she can use to fight her kidney disease.” -Irina M


Dr. Sandra Truli Springer is a recipient of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation Leadership Award, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship Award, and a Merck Foundation Competitive Research Grant that resulted in advancing gene therapy treatment for meningioma (brain cancer) in dogs. See Dr. Truli Springer’s Paper in the Journal of Neurovirology.


Read What Others Are Saying About Doc Truli

Sammy The Egg Bound Cockatiel

Sammy the Cockatiel

No vet would see this egg-bound darlin’…

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for helping our little bird. Thanks for making the extra effort. She is back to normal.” -Lauren and Graham

All Mickey really needed was a sedative and some advanced diagnostics, not the same basic lab work 3 times in 4 months!

“I am relieved that someone could finally tell us what was wrong with Mickey.” -Michele and Guido

Kramie couldn’t breathe. Doc Truli stabilized him, and got him to a specialty surgeon for throat surgery immediately!

“We extend our heartfelt thanks for saving our beloved dog, Kramer. Your willingness to go beyond the call of duty makes it possible for us to have a very merry Christmas.” -Joyce M and Ryan C

I’m not sure Brian still wants to be a veterinarian…

“I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for making my job shadowing experience so enjoyable and beneficial. I know that it will help me in my future. Especially the CASTRATION!! Thanks,” -Brian

Cats need arthritis treatment, too!

“Pepper is doing GREAT. Jumped on bed (high 4 poster) last night with no help for the first time in years.” -Francesca K

Webster was lunging through the truck windscreen at other dogs. One home behavior consult later…

“Many thanks for your time. We now have a good working dog.” -Lois et Ed, Webster, too!

See Brinkley’s story!

Golden Retriever Puppy Cured of Ectopic Urethra

Brinkley Relaxing by the Fire

“I am very appreciative of all your time and patience with our strange situation.” -Karen R

Doc Truli seems to be on a crusade to make regular service look bad…

“Thank you for your attentiveness and care of ‘Moss the Cat’ or as she likes to be called ‘Miss Moss.’ I really appreciated you calling and leaving me the messages on her lab work results. So rare to find a physician that finds the time. You enjoy your work with all our pets. I am so grateful for your expertise!” -Kelli S and Moss

After visits to 3 vets in 2 days, Harvey found Doc Truli, an Addison’s diagnosis, and ICU care. He would’ve died waiting for a diagnosis…

“Thank you for your care of Harvey. Without your diagnosis we may have lost our 2 years-young family member.” -Roddy, Gretchen, and Harvey

If you wish to leave your thanks or inspirational story, please comment below. Comments are moderated, so your comment will not show up usually for a day or two, or email Dr. Sandra Truli Springer at

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  1. Marie Buckley permalink
    July 15, 2012

    I called when my cat Ashley all of a sudden starting limping. Dr. Springer was able to see me that afternoon. Dr. Springer is an amazing wonderful doctor who obviously loves animals. She treated Ashley as gently as possible yet was able to quickly determine the probable cause. I am always so impressed in how Dr. Springer explains the problem in a way that I understand and we arrive at a plan that is good for Ashley and me. The next day, Saturday, Dr. Springer personally called to follow up on Ashley. I hate it that Ashley was ill but Dr. Springer is absolutely the best vet and Ashley is on her way to feeling better.

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