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The Kind of Client We are Looking For

This Sheltie's dad wore scrubs for our house call and learned how to plave eye ointment under Doc Truli's direction.

Learning to Give Eye Meds

You are a concerned, responsible, thorough and caring pet parent who is looking for a forever veterinarian, researching Dr. Truli Springer because you met her and Merlin at the dog park, or reading up more about Truli Holistic because you use our services and now you want to know more. Or you are a spider bot, in which case you do not care about the pictures.

We are a holistic house call practice offering Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis and treatment, acupuncture, herbal therapy, Reiki, and nutritional consultations, as well as Western Allopathic treatments. Dr. Sandra Truli Springer (aka Doc Truli) embraces helpful treatment options, therefore we will advise you regarding the best diagnostic and treatment path for your pet. House calls are the most empowering, comfortable and thorough way for Dr. Truli Springer to help you take care of your pet’s health needs.

“You don’t have to wear scrubs for your pet’s house call like the client in the picture did!” says Dr. Sandra Truli Springer (aka Doc Truli).  Here he learned how to give his Sheltie eye medicine with Doc Truli giving encouragement the whole time.

Let’s get some questions out of the way:

Q: What does holistic mean?

A: Holistic medicine means Dr. Truli Springer sees your pet as a patient, instead of just a diagnosis. Most Western medicine focuses on finding a diagnosis and drugging the patient to make the disease go away. Holistic medicine is bigger than Western medicine. It encompasses Western diagnosis and treatment, but also helping the emotional, exercise, nutrition…the whole pet! Holistic medicine can often help us discover why your pet became sick or itchy or infected and help prevent future illness.

Q: How much more is it going to cost?

 A: House calls cost less than hospital visits for the Dr time you get. Dr. Truli Springer is known for her thoroughness. This holistic approach makes most house calls cost $150 and up. But, you get much more for your money.

 You should be paying less for drugs and pills, and about the same for laboratory tests.

For example, if you spend $1,200 at a hospital, you could spend that much for the same diagnostics in a house call. However, in a hospital setting, you are likely to spend five minutes with the receptionist, ten minutes with the technician, and then ten minutes with the doctor before the tests and a five minute phone call after the test results. Your pet may stay at the hospital for a few hours. You may receive a written report and a “hand-out” that explains the medication and the diagnosis if you visit a progressively managed hospital.

You Need Doctor Time

Patients relax during acupuncture. Lounging in your own bed at home makes it even better!

Bailey & Doc Truli Selfie During Acupuncture at Home

With Truli Holistic house calls, you will spend 45-60 minutes with the doctor, and depending on your need for explanations and follow-up, you could spend 30-45 minutes on phone calls or other follow-up communication. So your money goes toward communication more than support staff salaries and building overhead. We also offer an elegant, private, secure online service that our clients enjoy for messaging Dr. Truli Springer via video, written, or voice anytime. This service keeps your pet’s medical case communications all in one place we can access anytime.

“Frankly, if most hospitals offered the kind of follow-up I do, your bill would be astronomical,” says Dr. Springer. House call practice fits my vision perfectly.”

Acupuncture needles channel stagnant qi around the little white dick's bitten right hip

Duck Acupuncture

 If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right!

 Q: Can you do blood work? Surely you cannot do blood work in a house call!

 A: Of course I can! I can do the exact same tests any hospital can do. In fact, your pet is likely to be relaxed for the blood draw and the blood values will not show the marked stress response they can show in a hospital setting.

Q: What if my pet needs surgery? What if I only want my vet to do the surgery?

A: Your pet’s will see the same trusted surgeons Dr. Truli Springer’s pets see. Only the best for our families!

 Q: What if I have an emergency?

A: Give us a call. We can help you decide if you truly have an emergency. If you do, and we are not right nearby your location, we will recommend the nearest trusted emergency room for your care. Dr. Truli Springer often meets clients at the ER in order to help interpret and explain the options presented by the emergency team. Also, Dr. Truli Springer can explain medical history to the ER doctors. You can also pull up your online private account and let the ER doctor see your prescriptions, lab results, and physical exam notes right on their computer.

If you would like to learn more, please call 1 (877) DR TRULI  =  1 (877) 378-7854


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