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Truli Holistic Veterinary Services | Dr. Sandra Truli Springer, VMD, CVA, CVFT, CVTP

House Call Ivy-League Medicine & Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine including Acupuncture

Flame point long-haired cat sits on his mom's computer keyboard and waits for his holistic annual exam/

Eddy will type the new client form for you- just kidding!

Required New Client Agreement (Contract)

Please print and sign before our first appointment.

Optional Pet Personality worksheet

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine recognizes a basic constitution, or personality type – for each pet. This worksheet gets you started identifying the traits your pet exhibits.

Optional Request for Release of Medical Records

Please provide Dr. Truli with all previous doctors notes regarding your pet. This form can provide the written permission a hospital may wish to see before releasing records to a third party.

Tru Tip

Rules governing release of veterinary medical records are decided on a state-by-state basis. Most states, including Florida, require the release of medical records to another veterinarian who is assisting the animal on a timely basis and irregardless of any monies owed on account. In other words, for the benefit of your pet, no veterinarian has the right to withhold medical records.

Doc Truli says,”I work collaboratively with your family veterinarian. If I call for records, I say ‘we have a mutual client.’ Or clients will call and tell their vet they are trying a holistic house call vet, too. I am an addition to your health care team.”

Optional Pre-Visit Work sheet

Collecting your thoughts and observations before a consultation gives you better results. If you would like to see a work sheet  filled out to get an idea of the detail needed, you can access the Pre-VisitWorksheet-sample