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Frequently Asked Questions About Truli Holistic Veterinary Services

Q: Are your appointments all house calls, or do you have an office I can come to?

This 19 pound Maine Coon Cat lounges in Doc Truli's arms

Holistic House Calls for Pets

A: The holistic medicine I practice requires me to see where your pet lives and to have you and your pet relax in your home. I do not have a consultation office.

Q: Do you only do in person evaluations or do you offer phone or long-distance consults?

A: Dr Truli practices hands-on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and is a licensed veterinarian practicing in the State of Florida, USA. The veterinary medical license requires a valid veterinary-patient-client relationship in order to diagnose, prescribe or perform surgery. The relationship must include a physical examination of the pet at least once a year. Long-distance consults do not meet Dr. Truli’s standard of care.

“I practice hands-on medicine,” says Dr Truli. “The foundation of any successful health plan and treatment is an accurate assessment of the diagnosis. Integrating Traditional Chinese Medical techniques like pulse and tongue diagnosis with a very thorough history and a nose to tail examination gives us a list of possible Western Medicine diagnoses and a Chinese Medicine Diagnosis. It’s no mystery that when we look, feel and listen, we gather more information, save time and money, and serve the pet with improved results.”

This cat spurned the baby scale I calibrated for her...and sat on the people scale next to the toilet instead! Cat humor!

“I prefer the scale you have not already calibrated for me…”

Q: What kinds of problems can holistic medicine help?

A: Almost anything that Western Medicine can help. Each situation is different regarding chances for successful cure, just like in Western Medicine. Every pet’s quality of life can be improved with holistic care, especially food therapy. Did you know Doc Truli is a Certified Veterinary Food Therapist (CVFT) certified through intensive training at the Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida?

Q: What are some examples of cases you have treated with holistic medicine?

A: autoimmune disease, thunderstorm phobia, seizures, dry eye, kidney failure, osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament knee injuries, hip dysplasia, chronic diarrhea, laryngeal paralysis, collapsing trachea, neuritis, cancer, hyperactivity and lack of focus, liver disease..please call and inquire about your situation! (877) 378-7854

Q: Can I book a holistic wellness check-up even though my pet is not sick?

A: Yes! That is the ideal situation. Check out Dr Truli’s Holistic Check-Up.

Q: Are you available times other than 9-5 because I work?

A: Yes, nights and weekends are no extra charge.

Q: Do I have to be there with my pet? Or can my husband, wife, grown children, pet sitter, housekeeper be there?

A: The primary caretaker for your pet must be at the first consultation. The more family members who live with the pet participate in the consultation, the better your pet’s prognosis. Arrangements and exceptions can work for subsequent visits.

Q: What do you need for the appointment? How do I prepare an area? Or what do I do???

A: A quiet, calm, clean area like a table for a small pet or a rug by the sofa with a coffee table for Doc Truli’s Doctor Bag and Notes is nice. The room your pet likes best is good. The best lighting in the house or natural sunlight is good. Obviously, a safe area where your pet cannot run away!

Q: Do you accept credit cards, or checks, or just cash?

A: Cash and checks are preferred. We also accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express for your convenience.


Acupuncture for this cat involved no humans touching her while she sat with the needles in her body

Cat Acupuncture

Q: How do you keep pets from running away during acupuncture? and Do you sedate pets for acupuncture?

This Japanese Shiba Mix Dog likes her acupuncture for her back and hip pain

Can you see my pink needles in my head and back?

A: They like it! The only tiny bit of pain is the split-second when the acupuncture needle (a registered FDA medical device) goes through the skin. Under the skin does not hurt. Beta-endorphin release in the body causes a natural relaxation, just like humans get with an “exercise high.” A third of the pets go to sleep. Most other pets lay quietly, relax, and look surprised and happy (see picture on the right, doesn’t she look happy?) Some stubborn, opinionated pets need 2 or 3 treatments before they admit it feels really good! and no, Dr Truli does not sedate pets in a house call setting as emergency and resuscitation equipment and availability will never be as good at home as it is in a full-service hospital. We take no chances with your pet’s health and safety!

Q: How many treatments do I need to plan for?

A: This is a wide-open question until we have a Chinese Medicine Pattern Diagnosis. Generally, an acute problem (sprain, injury, infection) takes one to three treatments over the course of a week or two. Chronic problems like arthritis usually take three to eight treatments to see the majority of the improvement, and then monthly maintenance. Dr Truli will prescribe the ideal treatment course during your first consultation.

Q: Can you do blood work?

A: Yes. All kinds…some tests, like tests for Cushing’s disease are more accurate in a house call because your pet is more relaxed than at a pet hospital. Yes…we can do heart worm tests and fecals like a “regular” vet.

Q: Can you tell me what my pet should eat?

A: Yes. Based on nutrition science and Chinese Medicine theory we can design a custom recipe diet plan for you and your pet. Then you can control the ingredients and source them where you feel is healthiest. (Don’t worry, Dr Truli does not judge if you feed your pet kibble or canned.)

Q: Do you give shots?

A: I do. Even though this practice is about 90% holistic, it is also integrative. We do not give up the Western Medicine that is helpful or that we need. We use the best to help your pet. Vaccines have their place. Dr Truli can discuss your needs and you can decide what level of vaccination you feel is best for your pet.

 Q: Do you do surgery or dentistry?

A: No. Dr Truli gave up surgery and surgical dentistry in order to focus on holistic house calls. We partner with your trusted general practitioner and the best specialists in order to provide your pet with excellent, complete care. We work with the best 24-hour care hospitals to ensure your pet gets whatever health care is required. (Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can help certain dental issues like Stage 1 periodontal disease or stable and treated Stage 2 or 3 periodontal disease.)

Q: How much does this all cost?

A: Consultations start at $195. As each pet and situation is unique, Dr Truli can advise you regarding your particular costs. Call (877) 378-7854

Q: How far in advance do I have to make an appointment?

A: 1 day to 2 weeks is the time window that usually works.


Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: Text (813) 714-7863, or email or call (877) 378-7854. Dr Truli will need your name and address and your pet’s current concern(s) to book your appointment.