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Holistic Medicine Helps Manchester Terrier Thunderstorm Phobia

2016 July 18
Muscular, hyper Manchester Terrier snuggles his nose on my lap until I pet him all over!

Hi There!

Manchester Terrier Hates Thunderstorms

Manchester Terrier has Bad Start in Life

“It was just terrible,” says Buddy’s person of four years, “You wouldn’t believe the filth and neglect he lived in at the junk yard where I got him.” Meet Buddy. The 7-year-old black and tan 35 pound (17 kilo) Manchester Terrier wagged his tail so fast I couldn’t see it. He shoved his nose against my pant leg and tried to crawl into my lap as I sat at the antique carved mahogany dining room table. Luckily, the Persian rug gave him enough grip that his long toenails did not slide out from under him. Over-all, the feeling was happy chaos. Buddy pushed his black and white Pit Bull Terrier friend, Shady, aside, even though she weighed twice as much as he did.

“Now Buddy, let the doctor do her work,” said Marlene, Buddy’s person. Marlene has been rescuing animals since before people called it rescue work. She started with Pit Bulls the courts ordered destroyed in the 1980’s, horses too lame to walk, and Guinea Pigs dropped on the pet shop doorstep with bumble foot and starvation. As a holistic house call veterinarian, Dr Truli was a perfect fit for Marlene’s crew of rescue creatures.

“Marlene, I know I’m here to see Spike (Guinea Pig with viral eye infection from wild rats.) But I am concerned about Buddy’s redness in his eyes. He looks like he could have dry eyes.”

“Oh, yeah, well why don’t you check him out?” Marlene agreed.

Wood Constitution Bossy Dog Health Problems

Buddy was a bossy, stubborn, physically active, moody and loving guy that sometimes caused Shady the Pit Bull to lose her patience and tag him with a little bite.

“You know,” said Marlene, “I have to put him to bed under the covers if there’s a thunderstorm. He just loses it. And remember those liver enzyme elevations from a few years ago when we did blood work?” Marlene is a registered intensive care nurse. She remembers details like that.

Wood Constitution dogs are athletic, bossy, can be aggressive when they are frustrated or angry. They are loving and attentive when they are happy. Wood types are prone to Liver Qi Stagnation-related health problems. Stagnation causes Heat in the body. Heat rises up to the eyes to dry them out and the head to predispose to seizures (according to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine theory.)

“Oh, wow! You know, I do remember now. Buddy needs to calm his emotions. He gets too heated up emotionally and causes himself to get dry eye and panic attacks during the storms. He is at risk of developing seizures if he keeps going like this,” said Doc Truli.

Herbal Medicine Treatment for a Wood Constitution Dog with Dry Eyes, Seizures, and Storm Phobia

We ordered Buddy Liver Happy (TM, Jing Tang Herbal) Chinese herbal remedy to soothe his Liver Qi and help him keep his emotions cool, calm and collected. Before the order arrived in the mail, Marlene called Dr. Truli.

“Buddy had a seizure last night!!!!! What do we do?” said Marlene.

“We are just in time. The Liver Happy remedy will help with the seizures and the dry eye,” said Dr Truli.

Herbal Medicine Helps Manchester Terrier Feel Healthier

After 6 months of Liver Happy, Buddy has no more seizures at all. His eyes are clear without using eye drops. His liver enzymes are still elevated, but they stay stable. He handles Thunderstorms without trying to start a fight with Shady the Pit Bull. He’s still a bossy know-it-all. But that’s what we like about him!

Chinese herbal medicine is available from a licensed veterinarian with advanced training in the diagnosis of Chinese health patterns and the uses of the Chinese herbal medicines. Dr. Sandra Truli Springer, VMD, CVA, CVFT (aka Doc Truli) studies with Dr. Xie at the Chi Institute ( in Reddick, Florida and practices Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in the Tampa Bay area, Florida exclusively through concierge pet care provided in your home. If you do not live in Florida, USA and cannot travel here, you can research TCVM veterinarians in your area at the resources page of the Chi Institute. If you would like to inquire about scheduling an appointment, call Dr. Truli at 877 Dr Truli (877) 378-7854.


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