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Pet Surgery Alternatives

Pet Surgery may be Over-Prescribed

Minor surgical procedures we can perform in your home

  • skin biopsies
  • ear hematoma drain
  • laceration repair
  • remove small tumors and lumps
  • broken toenails

For all other surgeries

Dr. Truli will triage your pet and help counsel you as to what your surgical options are and where and who is the best surgeon to perform the services.

“Your pets will have surgery where my pets have surgery,” says Dr. Truli.

Pet Surgery is Often Over-done

Many pets do not need the surgery that is recommended to the pet parents. For example, cruciate knee injuries will often heal with 6-8 weeks of rest. Or they will heal with surgery and 6-8 weeks of rest…and a 30% chance of surgical complications like infection. Hmmm…

Traditional Chinese Medicine can often shrink tumors. Sometimes they disappear altogether!

“Many tumors do not have to be removed for your pet to have good quality of life. However, the veterinarian may not be able to determine that until the tumor is tested by the histopathologist. So many vets will go ahead and remove the whole tumor in one bog surgery, rather than performing a biopsy and only removing the tumor if it is proven the pet will live better or longer with a full surgery,” says Dr. Springer.

Prices in veterinary medicine have increased so much in the past ten years in America, that you may be spending US$800 or more to have a small fatty lump removed from your dog’s side. Then, you feel relieved when the results come back that the tumor does not spread. But really, your pet just had an unnecessary surgery in hindsight.

“Honestly, it’s an easy sell for most veterinarians to recommend removal because the cultural bent tends toward beauty and perfection and youth and lumps and bumps are automatically assumed to be less desirable. Not many people really say, ‘what if we do nothing?’ Doing something is valued over doing nothing in American thinking,” says Dr. Springer of Truli Holistic Veterinary Services.

Food Therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture are Treatments for Tumors

Did you know certain foods can cause tumors to go away?

Did you know a healthy, custom balanced diet can “melt” tumors?

Did you know Chinese herbal medicine can bring the body back to health and make tumors an unnecessary strategy for the body to handle stress and toxins?

Did you know acupuncture can move energy in the meridian pathways in the body and tumors may shrink and disappear?

Did your previous veterinarian know? Dr. Truli can guide you and provide these treatments if either your pet cannot have surgery or you do not want surgery due to philosophical objections to cutting into the body.

Truli Holistic Veterinary Services

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