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Nutrition Counseling

Crocl-pot, baked, casserole, fresh sauteed, boiled: dog food is doable!

2 nutritionally baanced, home-cooked, organic meals for a small dog

Maybe the Most Important Advice From Your Veterinarian

Who Is Qualified to Advise You How Best to Feed Your Pet?

Might I suggest you consult with Dr Sandra Truli Springer, VMD, CVA, CVFT, CVTP. What is CVFT? Certified in Veterinary Food Therapy. This certification includes post-graduate training and publication quality case reporting regarding the Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) practice of food as medicine. This analysis and advice goes beyond a balanced, home-cooked or raw foods diet plan for your pet to consider the energetic and channel tropism consequences of the diet you provide your pet. For example, most dogs in Florida have too much Damp Heat in their body. Much of it stems for the Damp, Hot climate of Florida. What does this mean for your dog? You are likely to see infected ears, itchy paws, recurrent skin infections and allergies. Dr Truli provides you with specific foods, recipes and preparation techniques to help your dog stay health through all seasons and climates.

fat tabby cat

Obese cat, note the huge gut!

Nutrition is the Foundation of the Body

Nutrition is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health. Proper nutrients are necessary for every organ system in the body to function properly. Nutritional deficiencies as well as excesses are a major problem in veterinary medicine.

Did you know:

  • Over 60% of the pets we see over the age of 3 are overweight?
  • Maintaining a pet at his/her ideal body weight can improve life expectancy by up to 20%? That means a 10 year old fit dog could live an extra 2 years at the right weight!
  • Most skin problems have a nutritional component to them?
  • Pets can become hypersensitive (allergic) to feeds with too much waste product or additives?
  • Many gastrointestinal disturbances can be linked in inappropriate diet?
  • All food and food preparation techniques lend certain energies to the food which can lead to hot spots and other illnesses?
  • Nutritional issues are the number one cause of medical problems in captive birds and reptiles?
Bug- boston terrier pug

Cute but Obese Bug (Boston Terrier/Pug)

Determining Nutritional Status

When we examine your pet, we will evaluate their nutritional status and make specific recommendations regarding proper nutrition for your pet. We have a variety of prescription diets for each life stage and medical condition that we may be faced with.

When we start your pet on a nutrition program, Doc Truli continues to counsel you on a continuing basis. Truli Holistic invites you to participate in a private, direct communication system so the doctor knows exactly where you and your pet are in your diet progress. We find this communication prevents mistakes and redundancies in your diet plan and prevents you from quitting just a few days short of success!

You Can Get Started at Home

You can learn to gauge whether your pet is too fat or not at home.  Here’s the system:

It’s called “Body Condition Scoring.” You can use the scale of one to nine, with 1 being so skinny the animal is barely alive and nine being so fat the legs hardly can reach the ground! Or you can simplify it to 1 to five. That way 1 is super skinny-sickly, 2 is a little thin, 3 is just right, 4 is fat, 5 is obese. Dr. Springer can show you in your house call how to feel if your pet is fat.

So, here’s what you do:

Body Condition Scoring Instructions:

  1. Look at your pet from the side.  Is there a tummy tuck under the belly?  Or does the belly continue straight across from the chest to the knees?
  2. Look at your pet from the top.  Does the waistline, just in front of the hips and the hind legs go in?  Or does it go straight from the ribs to the hips?  Or do the sides bulge out?
  3. Feel the ribs with your fingers spread out flap and gently rub the rib area front to back.  If you can see ribs without touching, that’s skinny.  If you can feel the ribs, but not see them, that’s normal or fat.

Doc Truli’s Dog Body Condition Score

Here’s the interpretation of the body condition.  If you can see ribs, your pet is 4/9 or 1-2-or 3.  1-2-and 3 are super skinny.  5/9 is easily feeling but not seeing the ribs and normal also.  If you can’t count ribs, then the fatness is 6/9 is a little fat.  7/9,  there’s no tummy tuck and no hourglass waist. 8/9 actually bulges out and down and 9/9 is obese, rotund and sometimes, not able to walk.

Obviously 4-5/9 are healthy.  The rest is not!

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