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Holistic House Call Services for Kidney Disease for Dogs & Cats

This sleek Siamese cat shredded hospital staff. But he waited calmly meditating and staring out the kitchen window for his house call

Waiting for SQ Fluids on the Kitchen Table

Kidney or Renal Disease Including Chronic Renal Failure

Diagnostics for Kidney Disease that We Can Accomplish in a House Call

  • Chinese Medicine Exam including tongue and pulse diagnosis, back shu associated points & front mu alarm points identified
  • Urinalysis, urine Protein-Creatinine Ratios for Staging Kidney disease with International Renal Interest Society Guidelines
  • Blood Chemistry testing, especially including BUN, Creatinine, Phosphorus, Electrolytes & “SDMA” kidney function test
  • Blood count testing including checking anemia levels for chronic kidney disease
  • Blood pressure more “true” in home environment than stressful environment
  • Eye exam especially checking retina for increased pressure in the eyes

Treatment for Kidney Disease we Routinely Provide in the House Call

  • Subcutaneous fluid therapy, lessons and guidance to teach you how to give fluids if you wish to do so
  • Acupuncture
  • Aquapuncture
  • Tui na massage therapy, lessons available to teach you how to do these massages in between vet visits
  • Chinese Herbal Medicines for appetite, helping nausea, helping gain muscle, help preserve kidneys
  • Pharmaceutical prescriptions for commonly needed medications like Epogen and Enalapril

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