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Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and Tick Prevention

“Your very best option for flea control is an organic garden yard designed and maintained using permaculture principles. Unfortunately, parasites migrate from our neighbors’ yards,” says Dr. Sandra Truli Springer.

Where Do Fleas and Ticks Come From?

Fleas and ticks are virtually everywhere, especially Florida!  Even pampered condo pets and apartment critters can become infested with fleas.  How you get fleas:

  • Friend or relative brings their dog to visit
  • Friend babysits your pet at their house
  • You move into a new place.  Flea cocoons can stay dormant up to 7 years and then hatch out!
  • They jump up to a foot through a screen window
  • Your cat runs out the door
  • Your cat hangs out on the lanai
  • Dog goes into the yard, for a walk, even on sidewalks, or actually just goes to the park!

Do Veterinary Flea and Tick Products Work any Better?

Fortunately, many safe and highly effective products are available. Today, there’s no reason for any pet or owner to be bothered by these pests. These are prescription products and prescriptions should be based on your veterinarians knowledge of your pet.

Key to beating the bugs is our advice regarding hiring a qualified exterminator, or guiding you to get appropriate, effective products to treat the house and yard environment.

Did You Know?

If your cat or dog has itchy skin, dandruff, or thinning fur in the triangular area just above the base of the tail on their back, 95% of the time, that is due to fleas, even if you never see a flea. Veterinary Dermatologists call it the “Christmas Tree Pattern.”

Fleas are Highly Successful Life Forms

Fleas are so common because they are reproductive marvels. A single female flea can lay as many as 50-100 eggs a day and can live and breed on your pet for up to 100 days. The eggs then fall and land in carpets and upholstery, where they can lie dormant for up to 8 months.  The eggs hatch into larva that eat human dander and food particles and then form a protective, impervious cocoon.  These cocoons can lie dormant for up to 7 years (they stopped the research project after 7 years!)

Managing Fleas

The best management techniques of flea-proofing your home include regularly vacuuming carpets, furniture, floors and areas where your pet sits or sleeps. You should also wash your pet’s bedding, toys, and towels weekly.  Call Dr. Truli Springer to set up an in-home flea consultation 1 (877) DR TRULI.

Fleas and Ticks Carry Dangerous Diseases

Beyond causing serious discomfort, fleas and ticks can carry diseases dangerous to both you and your pet.

Fleas can carry tapeworm larvae, which your pet can ingest. In cats, in particular, fleas can carry an organism called Bartonella henselae, which is one of the causes of cat-scratch disease in humans.

Ticks can transmit such serious diseases as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever to both you and your pet.

Many pets are also so allergic to fleabites that a single bite can cause an intense allergic reaction that can last up to 2 weeks form a single bite! When the skin is irritated or inflamed, it can also become infected with bacteria or other pathogens, making the problem worse.

Ticks can be a particular problem when present in large numbers, or when they attach in sensitive places, like inside the ear or near an eye.

Signs Your Pet May Have Fleas

There are numerous signs that indicate that your pet may have fleas.

  • If your pet scratches occasionally or constantly it may be a sign of fleas.
  • Redness or oozing lesions on the skin can be signs of flea allergy dermatitis, a condition caused by fleas.
  • Tiny black dots on your pet might be an indication of flea dirt, or flea feces, an obvious indication that there are fleas present on the pet.
  • Even small bites on yourself, especially around the ankles, might be fleabites.

The good news is that all of these problems can be avoided using the parasite preventatives available on the market today. Due to the mild winters in our area, there is really never a dormant time for fleas. Therefore, year-round flea prevention is recommended to avoid a flea infestation situation.

Call Dr. Truli Springer today for a consultation 1 (877) 378-7854.  If you’ve ever experienced a flea problem, you know it’s more than “just fleas!”

We offer a full line of heart worm and flea and tick preventatives delivered to your door. Multi-packs or singles at competitive prices.

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