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Behavior Counseling

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More Pets Lose Their Lives Because of Behavior Problems Than any Single Disease

Often the problem we see with our pets has nothing to do with a physical ailment but it is behavioral. Some behavioural problems can be so serious that they threaten the life of the pet when a frustrated or fearful pet owner can no longer cope with the difficult or aggressive actions of their pet and are considering euthanasia.

Dr Truli is well trained in pet behaviour and is prepared to counsel and teach pet owners on how to treat their pet’s fear, anxiety or aggression based problems. Behaviour modification is the foundation of any humane, successful treatment plan. At times medications may even be prescribed as part of the treatment protocol. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine can help tremendously, as well. Many behavior problems are results of deficiencies or over-whelming emotions in the pets. Food therapy, acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Tui Na massage therapy offer exciting treatments which may give better results than medications.

The first appointment is often 2-4 hours long. We usually have pet owners fill out a behaviour questionnaire at home and email or text it for the doctor to review.

Did you know?

Dr Truli Springer trained at the ivy-league University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine under one of only 45 Veterinary Behavior Specialists in the world, Dr. Karen Overall.  This training in the beginning of Dr Truli Springer’s career has given her a systematic and trained eye for understanding when your pet is having a mental problem, and when training and teaching you, the human, how to ask your pet for good behavior will work.

True behavioral abnormalities that require medication are thought to be rare in dogs and cats.  However, literal misunderstandings abound!  If your dog is driving you crazy, not eating at mealtimes, only eating chicken, not using the bathroom properly, whining crying, or otherwise driving you beserkers, call for a comprehensive physical examination as a starting point to be certain your pet is not trying to let you know where it hurts: 877-378-7854. Feel free to search our articles for stories under the pet behavior solutions category.

“85% of dogs with Thunderstorm phobia also have Separation Anxiety.  If we don’t treat both problems, your dog will get worse over the years,” says Doc Truli.

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