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June is National Adopt a Cat Month!

2012 June 5
tan short-haired tabby kitten

Hi There!

The Catalyst Council Has Announced June is National Adopt a Cat Month


We support National Adopt a Cat Month!

The little black kitten, Sooty got a new home and some dog brothers to play with!

Check back later.  We have a lead on another kitty that needs a home. Waiting for info…

Helping Your New Cat Adapt to Your Home

Most cats feel stressed when they enter a new territory- a new home environment.  We can help with feline pheromone to help your new cat feel right at home. It is an all-natural product that humans cannot sense, but the cats sense it and feel right at home.

We also assess your new cat for stress.  All-natural homeopathic remedies to put in your cats’ water dishes help with the stress of adjusting to a new household.

With a custom house call, Doc Truli can assess your cats’ environment and help you with flea control, litter pan placement, assessment of traffic areas and cat resource guarding. Call 877 DR TRULI to inquire about a home evaluation to reduce stress and intercat drama.

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